Shaft Encoder Pulse Scaling feature

  • Dear All,

    I'd like to know your opinion.

    We want to make 512 times faster pulse on FPGA. Usually, ShaftEncoder module generate 4 times faster signal. If input encoder signal is 1kHz, I want to generate 512kHz signal. Do you have any idea of applet design?

    Best Regards,

    Ryo Saito

  • Dear Saito-san,

    thank you for your request.

    Maybe a combination of following operators is of interest for you:

    1. Signal Edge(Rising Edge):A pulse of one clock cycle is generated, when a rising edge of the input signal is detected

    2. SignalToWidth:The operators measures the pulse width of the signal at the input (=1 in this case). The result is output as a 0D pixel value at output link.

    3. Multiplication by a user defined factor, which is the period of the output signal

    4. PeriodToSignal:The operator generates a periodic signal at its output. The period time is controlled by the pixel value at the input link I. Thus the operator converts the input stream values into a signal with the period provided by the pixel values. The high time of the output pulses is one tick.

  • Dear Saito-san

    please see attached VA file which is used to output the average of a bouncy encoder and similar to the explanations given by Carmen described above.

    You need to add another DIV by 512 to get a 512 higher frequency.

    When I have time I will make a more detailed explanation of this example in another post.



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