Image Acquisition on multiple cameras - LinescanHighspeed mode

  • Dear Sir,

    I am using GV 5240 CP -M model camera for my project with firmware v 1.7.2837 flashed on it. So basically i'm using the 'LineScanHighSpeedmode' feature of this camera triggered @61 FPS from an OPTO trigger card IV. Three cameras of the same type are installed on microEnable IV series VQ4 framegrabber through GIGe interface with the runtime version v5.6.0. And the three cameras are triggered individually from Siso generated signals by the applet.

    Now I want to run all the three cameras together using the signals generated from applet but acquisition is not happening. So I modified the applet by putting each camera in to a seperate 'Process' namely Camera1 and its trigger generating module in a process1, Camera2 and its trigger generating module in a process2, and Camera3 and its trigger generating module in a process3 respectively. At this point all the three cameras are grabbing images of size 1280x1024 in triggered mode.

    But I need all the cameras to be in a same process so that I can append the images from the cameras for further processing .

    I have attached the sample applets and Genicam properties of the cameras for reference. Could anyone give a solution for this?

    Genicam Files:




    Applet Files:

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  • Dear JSuriya,

    thank you for your request.

    "..But I need all the cameras to be in a same process so that I can append the images from the cameras for further processing ..."

    You can connect the images from different processes using operators "RxImageLink" and "TxImageLink".

    Concerning the problem with the image acquisition when more than camera is contained in one process:

    Maybe the reason for your problem is described under…ultiple%20processes.html:

    The cameras in the same process have to be started and stopped simultaneously, as all DMAs of a process have always to be started.

    The processes are indenpendent and can be started and stopped individually.

  • Dear CarmenZ,

    Thanks for your response. Yeah I did started cameras simultaneously even though the image acquisition didn't happen. Also I have tried implementing TxImage Link logic as you have mentioned but while DRC check it gave a warning "Using Tx Image link between processes might result unbehaviour error.

    Could you verify my applet attached here with TxImageLink logic?

  • Dear JSuriya,

    "..You can connect the images from different processes using operators "RxImageLink" and "TxImageLink".-..."

    I apologize: this information is not correct. You can only exchange signals between the independent processes via "RxSignalLink/Tx signal link" not the image data.

    (see"Interprocess communication" under…multiple%20processes.html)

    In the attachment you find the design"" for the stitching of the images for the three cameras. Please test it.

  • Dear CarmenZ,

    I have tried the attached applet 'MultipleProcesses' and still there is no image acquisition happening. I started image acquisiton one by one for each camera in Genicam explorer and set the 'trigger gate' parameter value to 1 for enabling the signal, then i got just 1 frame in microdisplay with some 0.01 fps.


  • Hi JSuria

    let me add some ideas:

    - enable mDisplay -> Tools -> Settings -> Check "Ignore Camclock status"

    - disable mDisplay -> Tools -> Settings -> Check "Use GenICam Camera parameter"

    - start the acquisition in microDisplay FIRST

    - after start the acquisition of the three cameras in GenICam explorer

    - last start the trigger

    If your process has multiple DMA ensure that all DMAs are started.

    I hope that one of these ideas help you. Basically your explanations are all correct and we have bring this to work in microDisplay before. In an SDK application it is no problem anyway as the cameras are started manually anyway.


    Johannes Trein
    Group Leader R&D
    frame grabber

    Basler AG