About Acquistion Applets ( Acq_SingleCXP6x4AreaGray.dll)

  • Hello,

    We need to Acquistion Applets files ( Acq_SingleCXP6x4AreaGray.dll).

    The target board is VQ8-CXP6D.

    OS is Windows 10 32bit. (We can not found the Acq_SingleCXP6x4AreaGray.dll file in runtimeSDK 5.7.0)

    Just 64bit runtime SDK have this file.

    Camera : CP70-1-M-1000 (CXP6x4 channel, 12bit, 1280x 1024)

    Input : 12bit

    Can I get Acq_SingleCXP6x4AreaGray.dll for 32bit ?