extract pixels from image along a line

  • Hello,

    how would you implement this?

    For every image a new line (point and angle or point and gradient) is defined and along this line all pixels of this image should be extracted.


  • Cam

    Changed the title of the thread from “extract pixels along a line from image” to “extract pixels from image along a line”.
  • Hi Cam

    That would be a nice application. The solution strongly depends on bandwidth requirements.

    The most ovious solution woul be the following:

    - store each input image in DRAM using operator FrameBufferRandomRd

    - Use CreateImage, ModuloCount, DIV, mayber SIN, COS, etc. to generate the read column and rows

    - read from DRAM

    An example using FrameBufferRandomRd together with CreateBlankImage can be found HERE. It is a more complex task but can give you some idea.

    How is the "new line" defined. Could you use a LUT to store point and gradient?


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