Design of standard applets

  • Hi Silicon Software Application team,

    Japanese customer ask us they want to have design of standard applets. We can check standard acquisition features below;

    C:\Program Files\SiliconSoftware\VisualApplets_3.2\Examples\Acquisition

    But standard applets like Acq_SingleFullLineGray.dll include more features like gamma correction, triggering, trigger queue and so on. Japanese VA users hope to add own image processing to base acquisition design.

    Could you provide base design of standard applets?

  • Dear Saito san

    we are aware of this type of request. Unfortunately AcquisitionApplets use a lot of additional software which makes it impossible to rebuild its functionality with VisualApplets.

    At this moment your request cannot be solved. The required processing functions of the AcquisitionApplets have to be rebuilt with VisualApplets.


    Johannes Trein
    Group Leader R&D
    frame grabber

    Basler AG

  • Dear Johannes-san,

    thank you very much for your swift answer. OK, I found TriggerQueue feature in this forum. I try to be rebuilt some features by myself.

    But if SiSo prepare such examples in the future, it is very helpful for Japanese VisualApplets engineers !

    Ryo Saito

  • Dear Saito-san,

    Thank you for this feedback. I forwarded your feedback to the product management.

    For now you can use the ParameterTranslation in order to rebuild certain details as far as possible with the aspect of making AcquisitionApplet's similar VA Designs.

  • Dear Rudde-san,

    thank you for your advice. Yes, I think so but many customers don't have parameter library license, unfortunately. It is really nice feature but it is very good for development phase. Customer said it is kind of debugging tool. It is not must a feature to realize customer's requirements like blob. I mean if customer don't have parameter library, customer can realize their requirements. That's why, many customers won't buy this feature, unfortunately.

    If standard VA package include this feature, we can sell VA more easily.

    Ryo Saito