Pixel count

  • dear all,

    i have a binarized image and i want to count "white" pixel in this image.

    Of course this is simple, with Count, after this I have in last pixel of the image my value.

    Problem here is that i have to use a DMA resource to read this value.

    I would like to avoid this DMA usage, can GetStatus be used for this?



  • Hi Pier

    If you don''t want the value of GetStatus beeing overwritten with the next image you can do the following:

    use a fifo, use ImageValve with SetSignalStatus at the gate input, use GetStatus.

    You can now read one value after each other. The software needs to sufficiently fast enough to avoid a fifo overflow.

    Operator ImageMonitor can also be used for this.



    Johannes Trein
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