Buffer Overflow Count

  • Hi support,

    I have a short question regarding the overflow flag which is a parameter of all buffers in VisualApplets. The flag will only toggle between 0 and 1 if there is an issue and if you do not watch closely you will miss this moment. Therefore I thought about designing an overflow count using the Parameter Operators. I had something in mind like

    ${this.Value} = ${this.Value} + ${../../../Function/Buffer.Overflow};

    Well, as you might expect that did not work as intended.

    Do you have a hint for me how I could use VA to count overflows of an buffer. The intention is to help the user figuring out if everything works fine and no overflow occured since the acquisition was started.

    Maybe there is something in the debug operators I could use like the "OverflowMask" but I am not sure how to proceed.

    Kind regards,


  • Dear Theo,

    The Overflow parameter of the ImageBuffer operator is not stable enough to get a reliable feedback.

    That can not besolved by a parameter translation itself.

    This VA design OverFlowDetection_v01_BRudde.va will be a reliable approach:


    It measures the amount of pixels going into the FIFO and leaving it.

    By this the current fill-level can be seen while being the first memory behind the camera (infinite source = enabled) and directly in front of the first RAM related memory (inifinite source = disabled) operator.

    So in case the first RAM memory operator is not accepting or refusing the arriving data this can be detected.

    Additionally there is a EventToHost operator that sends an overflow event in case the small FIFO is geting filled up.

    A progressive detection on the basis of an OK, critical and error fill-level are used.